You can save up to 75% of fuel with plug-in hybrid vehicles (WLTP cycle). If you use your battery exclusively, you can drive fully electric all of the time. You can also save on vehicle maintenance with fewer replacement parts.
Plug-in hybrid cars represent the combination of two technologies and their respective benefits - the reassurance of the combustion-powered engine combined with the responsiveness of the electric motor.
With CO₂ emissions reduced by up to 75%, plug-in hybrid cars are compatible with the level 1 Crit’Air sticker (purple). (to be localised by country)


E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles also offer attractive savings on running costs, while providing unrivalled driving pleasure.
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - fuel - Renault
Save up to 75% fuel* compared to a combustion-powered vehicle during your trips around town. This saving is due to the reduced demand on the combustion-powered engine. When driving with a charged battery it only works to assist the electric motor. *in WLTP cycle
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - maintenance - Renault
The combustion-powered engine lasts longer because it is used less, which means you save on vehicle maintenance.
The electric motor is built using fewer complex components and does not require any specific maintenance.
In addition, the traction battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km.
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - business - Renault
business customer
Opting for a fleet of Renault E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles for your business results in annual company car tax exemptions. This is specific to plug-in hybrid vehicles whose CO2 emissions are lower than 60 g/km.
plug-in hybrid vehicle purchasing options make your life easy (to be localised)
An eco bonus of up to €XXXX  (to be localised)  is applied to the purchase of a brand new plug-in hybrid car or van emitting 0 to 50 g of CO₂ per km (offer subject to revenues).
In addition, regional incentives may also apply depending on where you live.


E-Tech plug-in hybrid - aides à l'achat - Renault
everyday life in electric
The battery of a plug-in hybrid vehicle is larger than that of a non-plug-in hybrid vehicle. So you can travel further fully electric, up to 50 km in combined use (WLTP standard), for an actual driving range of between 30 and 60 km.
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - silence and performace - Renault
silence and performance
Discover new driving sensations in 100% electric mode: smooth, dynamic, silent and vibration-free.
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - performance - Renault
The combination of electric and combustion-powered engines ensure that your driving conditions are always optimal. Smooth and quiet in town, dynamic and responsive on mixed roads. The performance of 2 types of power all in 1 car.
E-Tech plug-in hybrid - freedom - Renault
The E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicle can automatically identify the most suitable driving mode. Press the EV button located on the dashboard and drive fully electric whenever you want*.

*depending on the battery charge level


lower emissions
E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles emit up to 75% less CO2  than combustion-powered vehicles. On a charged battery, driving around town fully electric gives you up to 50 km on average and lower emissions.
Crit air 1 (to be localised)
E-Tech plug-in hybrid vehicles belong to Crit air 1 category (purple sticker).
recycled battery
With our wealth of electric expertise, we are now able to offer better battery recycling than that required by European regulations.
With the help of specialist companies and partners, end-of-life batteries are reused in other machines, then their materials are recycled.

your questions about the advantages of plug-in hybrid

The main innovation of the hybrid car is the integration of two types of engines in the same vehicle: an internal combustion engine and one, or even several, electric motors.
Integrated technology automatically manages the switchover between three different driving modes: electric, combustion-powered and hybrid (which uses internal combustion and electric energy).
The major benefit of the hybrid vehicle is that it combines the practical aspect of a combustion-powered car with the environmental and economical advantages of the electric powertrain.
Based on our experience acquired in F1, energy management and the multimode automatic gearbox offer significant day-to-day versatility while offering performance and economy.
Our hybrid vehicles are of course reliable and benefit from our expertise in developing electric powertrains and combustion engines.
Due to their hybrid design, the combustion-powered engine is not used so much during the most impactful phases - start-up and acceleration…
Not only that, the design means that there is no clutch or drive belt, so less maintenance is required. And by limiting replacement parts, maintenance costs are lower.

A hybrid vehicle has a combustion-powered engine and one or more electric motors. It switches between these two power sources depending on the road profile, required speed and battery charge level.

Renault’s hybrid vehicles benefit from our wealth of car manufacturing experience in the e-mobility sector. Renault also trains its entire network on the specific features of hybrid vehicles - Renault advisors are ready to welcome you and assist with your vehicle maintenance. Lastly, hybrid car traction batteries are guaranteed for 8 years/160,000 km.

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