With full hybrid technology, your car switches automatically between different traction modes to reduce the use of the combustion engine and fuel consumption. You can save up to 40% on fuel compared with a combustion-powered vehicle*.
You get more dynamic pick-up in an E-Tech full hybrid vehicle than with a combustion-powered vehicle. Additional comfort comes from the silence and the reduced vibrations in electric mode. E-Tech full hybrid vehicles recharge their own batteries and do not need to be plugged in.
The electric motors in E-Tech full hybrid cars do not emit any CO₂ during use. Overall, the emissions of a full hybrid vehicle are, averaged out over driving time, up to 25% lower than a combustion-powered vehicle.

*WLTP figures

the economic advantage

Purchasing incentives, reduced fuel consumption, lower maintenance costs, tax advantages for companies, and more.
E-Tech full hybrid vehicles offer daily savings.
E-Tech full hybrid - fuel consumption - Renault
fuel consumption
Fill up less at the petrol station with full hybrid vehicles. The combined use of electric motors and a combustion engine helps to reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%* compared to a combustion-powered vehicle.
E-Tech full hybrid - vehicle maintenance - Renault
vehicle maintenance
The maintenance frequency for a full hybrid vehicle is the same as for a combustion-powered vehicle. But the overall maintenance of hybrid vehicles is simpler and less expensive as there are fewer wear parts. Remember that the traction battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km.
E-Tech full hybrid - business - Renault
E-Tech full hybrid vehicles for your business
As a business customer, investing in a fleet of full hybrid vehicles makes good financial sense: the associated taxes in France (TVS/TCO) are lower than for combustion-powered vehicles. The running costs are also lower (maintenance and fuel consumption).
*WLTP urban cycle
national and regional incentives (to be localised)
Like plug-in hybrid and 100% electric vehicles, full hybrid vehicles benefit from regional and national incentives if an old, more polluting vehicle is traded in.

no plugging in, 100% driving pleasure

Renault E-tech full hybrid vehicles do not need to be plugged in, they recharge themselves when you brake or decelerate. Flexible, dynamic and comfortable to use, with all the advantages of a combustion engine combined with the silence of 100% electric mode.     
E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
no plugging in
Do not change your habits. You do not need to plug in your vehicle, it recovers energy automatically when you brake or slow down through the regenerative braking system.
E-Tech full hybrid - simple - Renault
You don’t have to do anything!
Your vehicle’s electronic system switches automatically between the electric and combustion powertrains. So you do not need to think about your driving mode as you go. Battery charging also happens automatically through regenerative braking, when you slow down or apply the brakes.
E-Tech full hybrid - dynamic - Renault
Renault’s electric expertise allows us to offer you hybrid vehicles that are responsive and dynamic at start-up and during acceleration. Finally, our full hybrid vehicles operate with an automatic transmission, so no need to change gear.
E-Tech full hybrid - silent - Renault
When you use 100% electric traction, your vehicle is silent. Full hybrid vehicles are designed to favour this mode of traction, so you can drive without making a sound for most of your journeys. 
E-Tech full hybrid - Renault
Full hybrid vehicles always start in 100% electric mode and will drive electric for up to 80% of your journey time in town.

the ecological advantages

E-Tech full hybrid - lower emissions - Renault
lower emissions
Full hybrid vehicles emit up to 40% less CO2  (WLTP cycle) than combustion-powered vehicles, which helps to reduce emissions of particles that are harmful for the environment.
E-Tech full hybrid - Crit air 1 - Renault
Crit air 1 (to be localised)
E-Tech full hybrid vehicles are eligible for the French Crit’Air 1 category (purple sticker), which means you can drive in cities even during pollution peaks. This is the “cleanest” category after electric vehicles (green sticker).
E-Tech full hybrid - recycled battery - Renault
recycled battery
We have over 11 years of expertise in the electric vehicles market, which helps us to offer battery recycling that goes beyond the requirements of European regulations. With the help of specialist companies and partners, our batteries are reused in other machines, then their materials are recycled.

your questions about the advantages of full hybrid technology

Yes, it is actually one of their major advantages.
In addition to having a petrol engine, hybrid cars have one or more electric motors. These electric motors do not emit C02.
As the vehicle often uses hybrid traction (electric + combustion) or the 100% electric mode, it is less polluting than a combustion-powered vehicle. 

If you opt for a full hybrid car (which charges as you drive using thermal and kinetic energy), your fuel consumption can be up to 40% lower than an equivalent combustion powertrain.

 For a plug-in hybrid (which charges as you drive and at charging points), this percentage can be as much as 75%.
Yes, especially if you drive a lot!
Hybrid cars switch between different kinds of traction: electric, hybrid and petrol. By definition, the petrol engine will be used less than in a combustion-powered car, which means fewer stops at the petrol station. 

A hybrid car is more expensive to buy than an equivalent combustion-powered car. However, the maintenance costs of hybrid vehicles are lower as there are fewer wear parts in the engine. 

Contrary to popular opinion, hybrid vehicles are also easier to maintain than combustion-powered vehicles, and even more advantageous in the long term as the petrol engine is not used as much.