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services for driving electric
For a smoother electric daily life, Renault assists you with services tailored just for you. From financing and charging to maintenance, driving electric is a breeze.

mobility made simple

Mobilize charge pass - Renault
Mobilize charge pass
It gives you access to the 77,000 charging points available throughout Europe. You can check their compatibility with your vehicle, select fast charging if necessary, and pay with ease. All on an extensive European charging network, with exclusive rates through our partnership with Ionity.
Mobilize share - Renault
Mobilize share
This is a short-term rental service provided by Renault. Choose from a wide range of commercial or passenger vehicles that you can rent on a daily basis or lease for up to 1 month. Mobilize share has over 10,000 vehicles available in more than 500 agencies throughout France.
Switch car - Renault
Switch car
The Renault service that lets you book a car that is more suitable than your own for long journeys. Very easy to book and with a fixed price and unlimited mileage, you only need to make the arrangements 72 hours before you set off.

charging within reach

Mobilize power solution - Renault
Mobilize power solutions
Turnkey service: an expert comes to your home to install your charging solution before your vehicle is delivered. A fixed price including equipment and installation, for an easy and worry-free transition to electric.
Mobilize smart charge - Renault
Mobilize smart charge
This app starts your electric vehicle charging during off-peak times. So you save money by using cheaper electricity. And to save even more, use smart charge and collect bonuses with our partner Sowee for every kWh used.
Mobilize power solutions for business customers
Mobilize Power Solutions assists you in your e-mobility transition Make charging all your vehicles easy, whether on your own sites, at your employees’ homes, or on the road. Over 40 professionals manage around 20,000 charging points and guarantee access to over 200,000 public charging stations.

charging and cashback

Mobilize Visa card
Available for free with your renewable credit, charge your electric vehicle using the Mobilize Visa card and enjoy automatic 1% cashback  on transactions and ATM withdrawals.
Get access to the Plugsurfing network (260,000 charging points throughout Europe) and Ionity network’s ultra-fast charging solutions. 

The Mobilize charge pass is now integrated in the Mobilize Visa card. It lets you locate near available charging points and pay special rates.

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