Electric vehicles are less expensive to run, with electrical energy costing less than fuel. Maintenance is also up to 30% cheaper on an electric vehicle due to its simpler design.
Driving an electric car gives you undeniable comfort. Dynamic pick-up and smooth, silent acceleration for a relaxed drive.
The electric car does not pollute during use. As it doesn’t use any fossil fuels, CO₂ emissions and atmospheric pollutants are significantly reduced throughout its life. Emissions come solely from the vehicle’s manufacturing.


The running costs of an electric vehicle are on average three times lower  than with a combustion-powered vehicle.

With a full charge costing less than a tank of fuel for a combustion-powered vehicle and the possibility of receiving government incentives, the electric vehicle is the most cost-effective choice for your daily life.

To travel 100 km, an electric motor consumes between 15 kWh and 20 kWh, i.e. around €4 (with an average cost of €0.25/kWh in Europe).

For the same distance, a combustion-powered vehicle will consume on average 6.5 litres, i.e. an average cost of €12.50 if the fuel price is €1.90 per litre.
E-Tech 100% electric - purchasing incentives - Renault
purchasing incentives (to be localised)
The eco bonus (up to €5,000 for a passenger car and €6,000 for a light commercial vehicle in France), the conversion bonus and other regional incentives depending on your place of residence, can be applied during the purchase of a fully electric car.
E-Tech 100% electric - maintenance costs - Renault
reduced maintenance costs
An electric car does not have an oil filter, belts or spark plugs. The motor is simpler and contains fewer parts.
So maintenance of an electric vehicle is up to 30% cheaper than that of a combustion-powered vehicle (over the first 3 years).
E-Tech 100% electric - electric car resale
easier resale
The electric car is a reliable vehicle with a battery that can keep going for many years with extensive mileage. Our batteries are guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km. It is also a much sought-after vehicle in the current market and is easy to resell.
E-Tech 100% electric - business - Renault
an investment for businesses (to be localised)
In addition to the practical and environmental advantages, the fully electric company car also has an economic interest. 

Tax benefits, lower taxes in many countries, fewer charges, reduced insurance premiums, and more. In short, a smart investment for your company.

silent and dynamic

Driving an electric vehicle offers high-performance, smooth driving, with no vibrations, odours or motor noise.
silence on the road
The electric motor makes no noise.  With no annoying noises in the cabin,  you can relax and enjoy your vehicle even more!     
performance on the road
Electric vehicles provide a  more responsive start-up and more dynamic pick-up than combustion-powered vehicles.
Sharp acceleration and no gear changes make for a smooth and pleasant drive.

environmentally friendly

With no CO2 emissions during use and using renewable energies and recyclable batteries, the electric vehicle is a vehicle of the future.     
E-Tech 100% electric - consumption - Renault
When you slow down or stop, the electric vehicle does not consume any energy unlike a combustion-powered engine that can consume up to 1 L/h.
In addition, with around 90% efficiency and energy recovery during braking, the electric motor will be much more cost-effective during the multiple stop-start phases in traffic jams.
E-Tech 100% electric - emissions - Renault
None. Zero emissions during use. No CO2  or atmospheric pollutants* harmful to your health.By displaying a special electric vehicle sticker, you can drive during pollution peaks.
*in accordance with the WLTP certification cycle
E-Tech 100% electric - renewable energy - Renault
renewable energy
An electric car can run on 100% renewable energy.
There are plenty of really environmentally friendly ways of charging your electric vehicle: a green electricity supplier for your home charging points, a public charging point supplied by renewable energy, or energy produced by photovoltaic equipment.
E-Tech 100% electric - recycling - Renault
second life and recycling
An electric car’s battery has several lives. The second life of a battery starts on average after 10 to 15 years or when it drops below 70% of its charge capacity. It can then be used, for example, to store the energy produced by wind turbines. The last stage of a battery’s life is recycling. All of these stages are from the Refactory project implemented in the first factories dedicated to the circular economy (Flins in 2021 and Seville since 2023).

your questions about the advantages of going electric

An appreciable difference in comfort.
Smoother, dynamic pick-up, no odours, no noise and no vibrations. An “automatic” gearbox that is easy to use with fewer movements to be made when driving.
Meaning a more relaxed and easy drive. 

Additional safety tip: no noise except below 30 km/h when the pedestrian warning system will emit a noise so that other road users are notified of your arrival.
Your choice of an electric car will depend on:
  • the number of daily miles driven.
  • the most frequent driving environments (city, motorway, etc.).
  • the number of seats and interior space that you need.

If you do a lot of motorway driving, choose a vehicle with a greater driving range, because speed will increase the electricity consumption. A longer driving range will not be so important for a motorist who mainly does short trips in urban areas. Renault E-Tech 100% electric vehicles include:
  • Renault Megane E-Tech 100% electric, the fully electric saloon
  • Renault Zoe E-Tech 100% electric, the versatile electric car
  • Renault Twingo E-Tech 100% electric, the fun city car
  • Renault Twizy E-Tech 100% electric, the smart electric quadricycle
  • Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric, the spacious and robust electric van
  • Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric, premium comfort for business customers

We have electric vehicles for everyone: personal and professional.
Power, comfort and space await in our two flagship vans:
  • Renault Master E-Tech 100% electric, the spacious and robust electric van
  • Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech 100% electric, premium comfort for business customers
Unsurprisingly, yes.
First of all, for reasons that are specific to electric:
  • It is a more economical way of getting around than a combustion-powered vehicle - lower maintenance costs, less expensive to “fill up”, and parking in cities is increasingly free.
  • On the whole, driving an electric vehicle is more enjoyable - smoother, quieter, and with more dynamic pick-up.
  • The number of charging points is increasing rapidly. It is getting easier and easier to charge at any time.
 And for financial reasons: you can benefit from a bonus paid by the government when you resell a combustion-powered vehicle to purchase a brand new or used electric vehicle (subject to meeting certain criteria).

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